Agreed Upon Procedures and Consulting

Our firm is experienced in providing management consulting services and agreed upon procedures to businesses, local government units, and non-profit organizations. These types of services are normally performed by the partners or senior staff. We have performed a number of management consulting engagements and agreed upon procedures in the past. These engagements have included: Design of extensive chart of accounts for an entity with approximately twenty individual funds, with provisions for cost accounting. Implementation of GASB Statements and assistance with compiling fixed asset and infrastructure data. Concurring review of financial statements. Assessing and designing internal control systems. Agreed Upon Procedures to test franchise fee payments and fuel tax revenues. Agreed Upon Procedures for testing of System Development Charges expenditures and revenues, and maintenance of restricted funds. Agreed Upon Procedures to test transient room tax revenues reported by local hotels. Agreed Upon Procedures to test compliance with conservation measures and energy efficiency. Agreed Upon Procedures for landfill financial assurance and recertification. Assistance pertaining to valuation of “side accounts” related to issuance of PERS pension obligation bonds. Assistance in preparation of corrective action plans. Reconciliation of cash accounts and activity recorded in the general ledger. Evaluation of software programs and installation of selected software. Computer troubleshooting, to include hardware and software maintenance. Compliance with Oregon Budget Laws and procedures and the preparations of annual budgets. Fixed asset accounting and depreciation schedules. Interviewing and providing recommendations for accounting applicants. Evaluation of financing options.Fraud investigation and substantiation.